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All of the treatments are tailored to client's needs.

We will spend some time in the first session discussing your needs and expectations from the treatment. All treatments include energy healing and sound therapy using singing bowls and tuning forks. There is a short consultation via WhatsApp audio call (no need for video) before and after each treatment. ​I would advise that you don't drink any alcohol on the day of the treatment as it can have an effect on the flow of energy. For distance healing sessions find a quiet and comfortable place, make sure you are not interrupted during the session. 

Prices & Packages

Healing Energy and Sound Therapy

1st Session approx 90min    £88

Follow up session 60min    £55

SAVING ...  Block of 5 sessions    £250

Please ensure you won't be disturbed during the healing session. For remote session we will connect via WhatsApp. Make sure to use headphones to fully enjoy the sound experience.

A study from Harvard University reported that a single session of Reiki significantly improved pain, anxiety, depression, nausea and fatigue.

" Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. This is not philosophy, this is physics."


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