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Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy healing 

Reiki and Sound Healing

reiki healing and energy healing with sound therapy

Hi, I'm Duska

I'm an Intuitive Energy Healer. In my treatments I incorporate healing powers of Life Force Energy and the healing power of Sound. Each session is tailor made to client's needs. 

I am a qualified Reiki Master practitioner and also a certified Karuna Reiki Master Practitioner and teacher. I've trained in sound healing using singing bowls which I use in my sessions.


Why Energy Healing?

How does Energy Healing work?

Singing Bowl Sound Healing

"Healing doesn't happen in the places where we are pushing and forcing but rather where we are surrendering and allowing"


My Treatments

Healing Therapy

Energy Healing & Sound

Energy healing session tailored to your needs incorporating Reiki and Sound Healing.

Healing Circle

Receive healing energy 

every day for a month!

Join my healing circle.

Sound Bath 

Coming Soon!!!

Please register your interest by

filling in the Contact Form and letting me know.


"What a lovely relaxing and calming experience! Duska made me feel at ease and we chatted about what I wanted her to focus on. Pleased to say that I have slept so well since my session and the pain and stiffness in my fingers has eased."

Jane B.

"Duska was so helpful in healing my family in all aspects from improving their concentration to healing any anxiety and insomnia. Even with photos she was able to successfully heal my friends and family members. Would strongly recommend to anyone in need of healing."

Lana H.

"Duska is really wonderful as a Reiki healer. After the first session I felt relaxed and my body felt like it was starting to heal. During the session I felt warm sensations around my head and left leg. After the session the hip pain had disappeared. I slept very well after this wonderful reiki session. I appreciate this so much."

Ana D.

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